P2 winds down by speeding up

After an incredibly busy 12 months, the P2 team decided it was time to blow off some steam. And what’s the perfect way for a young, dynamic team with energy in abundance to do that? Go karting, of course!

On 25th May, we decided it was time to thank our team for their incredibly hard work and all the extra hours put in over the year. And while some businesses might like to relax quietly and slow down, that was never going to be an option for P2. As a result, we suited and booted up, strapped on the helmets, and took to the race track.

It says a lot about the work ethic and dedication of the P2 staff that powering round a track all afternoon felt like a break. And the same tenacious pursuit of success that serves us so well in our everyday business was on display. As a result, it was a fun and competitive afternoon that, miraculously, didn’t result in anything other than pride being injured!

Top dog on the day was our workshop foreman, Carl Dolby, who put in a spirited performance to get the gold. Hot on his heals was design and project manager Adie Burns, with Director Adam Philips coming in third.

It was a great day that saw the whole team play to its strengths and come together just like they’ve done every day for the past year. And it was followed by some well-needed food and drink at the local village Balby in the evening.

What’s next on the cards? Another year that’s worth celebrating!