Apprenticeships add value to industry

The UK government is planning an Apprenticeship Levy, aiming to get 3 million apprenticeships on the go by 2020. This is great news for UK industry, as apprenticeships perform a vital role in the trades, helping people from all walks of life develop skills that will set them up for a solid career, and contributing to a diverse workforce that has real, on-the-job, experience behind it.

At P2, we take our apprenticeship scheme very seriously: we believe that we’ll get the best results by taking in young people that are hungry for opportunities and helping them to make the most of their potential. That’s why we insist on putting all our apprentice furniture makers through a comprehensive set of qualifications.

Rather than just studying shop fitting, we believe young people in our industry benefit from having wider knowledge. This brings a comprehensive set of capabilities to our workforce, resulting in flexible workers who can think outside the box. For a company that prides itself on dynamic problem-solving abilities, this is crucial.

P2’s managing director, Adam Phillips, says:

“With an apprenticeship scheme, you’re literally investing in the future. It’s not as simple as filling a job post for a year or two: you’re helping to develop the type of skills and values that you think the industry needs going forward. At P2, we’re very proud of the people that have gone through this process with us.”

Phillips adds that, unlike its competitors, P2 insists on giving apprentices access to a comprehensive set of skills. At P2, all apprentices are put through a full NVQ in furniture and cabinet making with WEBS Furniture Training. This is what’s best for the company, its apprentices, and, ultimately, the local community. Phillips says:

“It’s more than just what’s good for P2. You take youth from the local area and give them a trade. We want our employees to not just be great at making shop fitting furniture. We want them to have a wider set of overall life skills. That might mean becoming familiar with more than just timberwork; at P2, they might come into contact with metalwork, glass work, and more.”

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an apprentice with P2, you can contact us through the contact form on this website.