A trip inside the P2 spray shop

P2’s spray shop could be just the thing your piece of retail display furniture needs to help it stand out from the crowd. Our two, highly skilled, sprayers can provide a number of top-quality finishes that are sure to include something which is right for you.

We offer two different paint types: PU (Polyurethane) and an AC (Acid Curing) substitute. However, we no longer offer Acid Curing paint itself. The reason for this is quite simple: recent research has shown that Acid Curing paint continues to emit formaldehyde long after application – making it a health risk.

Acid Curing paint is a standard offering in the industry, and it produces a good result – but there was no question, when we learnt about the dangers it posed, that we had to find something better for both the environment and the shoppers that come into contact with our craftsmanship every day. Luckily, we were able to find an alternative that easily matches the quality you would expect from traditional Acid Curing paints.

Our AC Substitute paint is a lacquer that reacts with oxygen in the air. It can provide a variety of finishes from dull to high quality gloss that’s suitable for all types of wood and can be used in a variety of different spaces.
However, if you need something harder wearing, and even more versatile, then our PU paint is undoubtedly your best bet. Although more expensive (and laborious!), PU paint can be polished extensively to a mirror-like finish.

In addition to providing our own stunning paint jobs, our spray shop can match any existing stain by either rubbing or spraying on and using a clear lacquer to protect it. The end result is, whether you want something new and original, or a continuation of what has gone before, at P2, we can deliver! To learn more about our spray shop, or make an enquiry, please contact us on 01455 288 922.