P2 sets the standards for 2018 by achieving ISO 9001 & 14001

We take environmental concerns very seriously. We are committed to the recycling and reuse of materials whenever possible, and minimize waste through a process of material optimization. Additionally, we devote time right from the outset to thinking about what sustainable materials will be most suitable for our clients’ projects. This means that they get display units with the right product life cycle at maximum cost efficiency and minimum harm to the environment, which is why is was also important for us to gain the ISO 14001.

So what do they actually stand for?

ISO 9001 is the leading, globally-recognised standard for quality management systems. Used by organisations of all sizes across all industry sectors, the ISO 9001 standard is designed to assist with the implementation of an efficient quality management system, ensuring that organisations consistently conform to the required standards. This is achieved by emphasising a set of key goals, principals and objectives, which are important to every business in order to ensure that the needs of customers and stakeholders are being properly addressed.

ISO 14001 is the internationally-recognised standard for environmental management systems. When implementing an environmental management system (EMS) within an organisation, it is usually desirable to apply for ISO 14001 certification, since this accreditation serves as evidence that you follow the correct processes and procedures in order to minimise your company’s impact on the environment.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2018 and we look forward to working with you.