Factors to remember about retail display in the digital age

Despite the rise of the internet, retail display remains a powerful tool to draw in customers. Even if they are predominantly online buyers, many shoppers actively browse stores on the high street first, offering retailers an opportunity to convert them into customers. To appeal to these customers, retail displays must become entry point to a multichannel retail experience, integrating your digital and physical retail channels and guiding the customer through a curated, experiential, retail journey. Here are five things to remember when crafting such a display:

1: Storytelling is key
Unlike the technology all around us, the human brain has not changed in the past decade. As a species, we are motivated by narrative structures – by stories. Retail displays should embrace key themes to exploit this factor.

2: Think about physical space
At P2, we are manufacturers, so we are very used to thinking in terms of physicality. This is also an important skill for designers, who must decide which plane each element of their retail display will sit on (very few displays, for example, are exclusively at eye-level).

3: Use surprise to maximum effect
We can produce a wide range of bespoke POS material to help capture shoppers’ attention. Depending on the brands involved, you could use elements like vinyl, free-standing display units, PVC banners, or free-standing cut-outs to make an impact.

4: Use targeted propositions
It is vital to ensure that your retail display, no matter how creatively designed or perfectly manufactured, remains targeted on particular products and customers.

5: Integrate offline and online
Retailers should consider embracing the trend towards ecommerce by integrating an online store with their brick-and-mortar one. This can be done by adding tablet devices, digital displays, and targeted incentives (such as online discount codes) where appropriate.

At P2, we can manufacture a wide range of bespoke assets to help you create powerful retail displays. Get in contact on 01455 288 922, or via our contact form to make an enquiry.