A view inside P2 with Chris Pitcher

One of P2’s directors, Chris Pitcher, took some time out of his busy schedule to give readers a sense of what it’s like inside P2. His answers shed a light on what makes P2 different from its competitors, and how clients are likely to get the best out of its service.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your work and background?

A: In my former life, I was a bench hand joiner – I focussed on some of the same skills that our workshop staff use today. A big part of my role is supervising what goes on in the workshop, so having a background in the fundamental elements of the trade is a great benefit. I do my best to provide guidance, and find fixes to what appear to be intractable problems. I am also responsible for a wide range of operational, organisation, and management work – preparing quotes for clients, site briefing with the joiners, project managing major accounts, site surveying, planning the machine shop schedule on our digital platform, keeping on top of stock like board material and paints, and a host of related tasks.

Q: Can you tell us what a typical “day in the office” looks like?

A: It usually starts with a caffeine fix! A lot of my day-to-day work is standard business fare: checking emails and working on quotes, discussions with the production manager, etc. I also have a general responsibility to make sure the workshop is running smoothly, and of course, there are always plenty of meetings to attend with staff, suppliers, and clients!

Q: Can you tell us what sets P2 apart from its competitors?

A: I think the main thing is that we really bend over backwards for our clients. We go above and beyond whenever it’s needed, and work to deliver a service that our competitors would struggle to match. The result of that dedication is a more bespoke service. When we do a job for you, it’s always tailored to exactly what you want. I feel confident saying that, compared to other services on the market, we go the extra mile for our customer.

Q: If you could give new clients one piece of advice before working with you, what would it be?

A: Give us as much information as possible before we start the project. Think things through in as much detail as possible so we can anticipate changes, and avoid prolonging the job. That might include things like knowing what material finishes you want, having a quick approvals process in place to ok our drawings, and giving us an idea of the lead times required. That’s definitely a recipe for getting what you want as quickly and easily as possible.

Chris also says that the company has big plans for the future. Despite the looming presence of Brexit, and long-term trends around the slow down of the high street, the company has managed to grow significantly over the past few years. P2 is banking that its focus on quality, strong work ethic, and ability to tailor projects to clients’ requirements, can deliver more of that growth. In the coming months and years, the company will leverage those strengths to expand the business and the premises.