• Craftmanship
  • Detail
  • Expertise

The team at P2 were helpful and knowledgeable, and went out of their way to put our minds at ease. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of a bespoke project.

Karen Higgins - Karen Higgins Projects Ltd


Our clients know that they can trust us to bring their designs to life. We work hand-in-hand with them to make dreams into reality.


Our team is solution-oriented: that means, we’re the best people to help our clients develop their designs into functional retail display furniture.


We take the manufacturing process seriously. We use tried-and-tested methods and the latest innovations to ensure our clients get the best retail display furniture possible.


We pride ourselves on the high quality of our finished product: our only goal is to do our clients’ products justice, in as seamless a way as possible.

Using our vast skills and experience, we are able to provide beautiful retail display furniture, going from design right through to installation. Most importantly, as we have grown, we have kept our clients needs as our priority, and have remained adaptable. 

Adam Phillips - Director

Tailoring your retail space

Every retail space is different in its own way, whether it is because of the size of the store, where it is located, the type of requirements or many other specifications. So, each retail design needs to be tailored, and so we thought we’d come up with a list of factors to consider regarding your next shop fitting. Read More

P2 winds down by speeding up

After an incredibly busy 12 months, the P2 team decided it was time to blow off some steam. And what’s the perfect way for a young, dynamic team with energy in abundance to do that? Go karting, of course!

On 25th May, we decided it was time to thank our team for their incredibly hard work and all the extra hours put in over the year. And while some businesses might like to relax quietly and slow down, that was never going to be an option for P2. As a result, we suited and booted up, strapped on the helmets, and took to the race track. Read More